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STATEMENT: Europe and the Netherlands are ready for a humane and solidarity-based refugee policy

We see that Europe is willing and able to welcome the people who left their home with open arms and to support them with sympathy, basic necessities, transport and housing.

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Joint NGO statement for the suspension of Russia’s membership of the UN Human Rights Council

Justice & Peace joins 48 other NGOs from around the globe to call on the United Nations General Assembly to suspend Russia's rights of membership of the Human Rights Council.

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Ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine: Interview with Shelter City Georgia partner, Sasha Delemenchuk

In light of the disturbing recent events in Ukraine, Justice & Peace has interviewed our Shelter City partner Sasha Delemenchuk to shed light on the ongoing situation.

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Joint NGO statement on recent events in Ukraine

Together with other civil society organisations, we express our support to and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

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‘’I want to join for another Samen Hier year: with Abdalla as group member…”

Abdalla came to the Netherlands in December 2020. The first contact with the group was digital, through videocall. Abdalla stayed in quarantine in Friesland for the first two weeks, after which he could move to his temporary home in Rotterdam. That is where David, Ruud and Bart were ready to welcome him.

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International Human Rights Day – Action #GreenLight

On International Human Rights Day last Friday December 10, Europe turned green. Green lights were shining in numerous cities across Europe. Green lights for refugees and for respecting human rights, everywhere and always.

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Leading human rights groups call for renewed commitment to solidarity and action to protect children in migration at EU borders

The EU has been facing increased migration flows at the external borders for several years. The pressure at the EU borders is high, as at the recent situation at the Polish- Belarusian border and the tragic loss of the lives in the English Channel have demonstrated.

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#GreenLight initiative for refugees

Over the past weeks, the numbers of refugees stuck at the Polish-Belarusian border have grown from a few to several thousand. This is the result of Belarus’ geopolitics and Poland’s policy of stopping and returning undocumented migrants and refugees to their home countries. For the people fleeing, Europe starts in these countries, however applying for asylum is made impossible.

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Shelter City Netherlands: Appel à candidatures pour relocalisation temporaire en mars 2022

Justice et Paix Pays-Bas (Justice & Peace Netherlands) lance un nouvel appel aux défenseurs des droits humains en danger pour participer à Shelter City. La date limite de dépôt des candidatures est le 7 novembre 2021 à 23h59 CET (heure d'Europe centrale).

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