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Justice & Peace is committed to creating a lasting impact on human rights and social justice, working with change makers both internationally and within the Netherlands.

To accomplish this goal, Justice & Peace has organised its work into two programmes: Human rights defenders & Security and Migration & Human rights.

Human rights defenders & Security

In a world where human rights defenders often face adversity and work at the cost of their safety and well-being, we stand by them. This programme focuses on their empowerment, protection, and security. By creating safe spaces where they can re-energise, re-strategise, receive capacity building, and rest, we ensure they can continue their work more safely and effectively over the longer term. The programme comprises three distinct initiatives: Shelter City, Artists’ Safe Haven and Activist Lab.

Migration & Human rights

We want to see a world where all refugees have safe access to a welcoming place. The programme aims to foster local solidarity with refugees and realise a more humane policy for the reception and resettlement of refugees in the Netherlands. By forming groups for a year, refugees and local communities together are empowered to cultivate stable social connections, bridge gaps and overcome barriers. Currently, it consists of the Samen Hier (Together Here) initiative.

Everyone can be a change maker. Find out the networks and platforms of change makers we collaborate with.

Shelter City, empowering international human rights defenders at risk through temporary relocation to safe and inspiring spaces.

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Artists’ Safe Haven, empowering international grassroots artists at risk by offering them the security and space to implement their vocations.

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Activist Lab, empowering young activists and youth organisations to strengthen their advocacy work and amplify their influence.

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Samen Hier, empowering local communities to create safe pathways and safe havens for refugees.

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