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Everyone can become a Change Maker. Being aware is the first step.

This is why we tell the stories of the Change Makers that we work with. We also collected online resources for human rights defenders so that they can build their capacity and improve their work. On top of that, we publish reports resulting from our research in our field of expertise. With them, we bring your attention to global and Dutch issues of human rights and social justice. This is how we can accomplish lasting change.



The Barcelona Guidelines on Wellbeing and Temporary International Relocation of HRDs at risk

The Barcelona Guidelines are based on the research findings from a project and discussions between coordinators, wellbeing service providers, and researchers from around the world at an international retreat in Barcelona in June 2019. You can find the guidelines in 5 languages on https://www.hrdhub.org/wellbeing

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Building bridges instead of higher walls

The arrival of Refugees in Europe: Human Rights and Security

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A Welcoming Europe

Exploring Local Solidarity with Refugees

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Alternatives to immigration (and border) detention

The alternatives which are mentioned in this factsheet, are mainly used as alternatives for immigration detention, unless mentioned differently.

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