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Martin Luther King Lecture 2022

On the 7th of December at 19:30, just before International Human Rights Day, the yearly Martin Luther King lecture will be held. The theme is ‘Civil Disobedience’. Inspired by Martin Luther King, we investigate the necessity of civil disobedience and the many inspiring shapes it may take, then and now.

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Launching the Activist Lab programme for youth activists

We are proud to be announcing our participation in the Activist Lab programme for youth activists.

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Coming up: Justice & Peace at light festival The Hague Highlights!

This light festival will tell stories of the rich history of the Hague, using light and projection on well-known locations in The Hague. In this way, Dutch history and important subjects will be shed light on in an approachable way for everyone. We are proud to announce that Justice & Peace and our initiative Samen Hier will be participating in this year’s light festival The Hague Highlights.

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Hoping for change: Why journalists persevere despite challenges

Shelter City guest and Filipino journalist, Jodesz Gavilan, sheds light on the persevernce and importance of journalists in light of the Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists.

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Support human rights defender Ali’s half marathon for Shelter City

Donate and support Ali, a current Shelter City The Hague guest who is running a half marathon to fundraise for Shelter City!

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Official release of ‘Becoming Atoq’, our first interactive photographic story

Visit Becoming Atoq, an online photographic journey where you follow the story of Atoq, a photojournalist from Peru.

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Can you make as much of an impact with your speech as Martin Luther King did? Send in your video!

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Experience the Human Rights Space | Just Peace Open Day

As part of the Just Peace Month in the Hague, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee along with the Human Security Collective and Justice and Peace invite you to an Open Day, during which you can experience the Human Rights Space.

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Appel à candidatures pour les initiatives de Justice & Peace en 2023 

Justice & Peace Netherlands lance un nouvel appel à candidatures pour ses initiatives : Shelter City et l’initiative Artists’ Safe Haven.

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