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Can you make as much of an impact with your speech as Martin Luther King did? Send in your video!

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Experience the Human Rights Space | Just Peace Open Day

As part of the Just Peace Month in the Hague, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee along with the Human Security Collective and Justice and Peace invite you to an Open Day, during which you can experience the Human Rights Space.

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Appel à candidatures pour les initiatives de Justice & Peace en 2023 

Justice & Peace Netherlands lance un nouvel appel à candidatures pour ses initiatives : Shelter City et l’initiative Artists’ Safe Haven.

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Convocatoria de solicitudes para iniciativas de Justice & Peace en 2023

Justice & Peace Netherlands está lanzando una nueva convocatoria de solicitudes para sus iniciativas: Shelter City y la iniciativa Artists’ Safe Haven.

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Call for applications for initiatives by Justice & Peace in 2023 

Justice & Peace Netherlands is launching a new call for applications for its initiatives: Shelter City and Artists’ Safe Haven initiative.

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Shelter City Impact Study: Exploring the impact of a decade of temporary relocation experiences

Read our newest publication, the Shelter City Impact Study, highlighting the impact made by Shelter City on human rights defenders over 10 years.

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OPINION ARTICLE: Active citizenship offers a solution in asylum-crisis

In response to the ongoing sheltering crisis in Ter Apel, Justice & Peace published an opinion article on the platform socialevraagstukken.nl.

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Dutch NGOs award Human Rights Prize to Dutch Ambassador in Costa Rica

The Dutch embassy in Costa Rica has won the first edition of the Human Rights Prize for Dutch Embassies.

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Folding chair protest against the lack of asylum shelter in Ter Apel

In Ter Apel, the only application centre for asylum seekers in the Netherlands, there are too little beds. In the past weeks, hundreds of people had to sleep on chairs, and the Red Cross set up tents because all the chairs were also occupied. On June 14th, dozens of citizens therefore started a folding chair protest in front of the entrance of the ministry of Justice and Security in The Hague.

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