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We stand in solidarity with Ukraine

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At Justice & Peace, we believe that local change makers are the key to progress human rights and social justice for all. Our work is focused on enabling these peaceful individuals, and connecting and inspiring people to take action and create change for human rights, justice, peace, and a more sustainable world.

Together with our Dutch and international partners, we provide support to human rights defenders at risk and strengthen the integration of refugees.

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How we empower Change Makers



Dutch NGOs award Human Rights Prize to Dutch Ambassador in Costa Rica

The Dutch embassy in Costa Rica has won the first edition of the Human Rights Prize for Dutch Embassies.

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Folding chair protest against the lack of asylum shelter in Ter Apel

In Ter Apel, the only application centre for asylum seekers in the Netherlands, there are too little beds. In the past weeks, hundreds of people had to sleep on chairs, and the Red Cross set up tents because all the chairs were also occupied. On June 14th, dozens of citizens therefore started a folding chair protest in front of the entrance of the ministry of Justice and Security in The Hague.

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IMPACT REPORT Community sponsorship of resettled refugees in Dutch municipalities: an achievable possibility!

Justice & Peace published the impact report about the Samen Hier pilot in Rotterdam. In the report, we look back on the results, the experiences, and the recommendations of the Samen Hier sponsor groups. All those involved see added value in this approach. Read it here!

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Freedom Meal & Liberation Festival 2022

On the 5th of May, the people of the Netherlands celebrate freedom. Justice & Peace participated in different events in The Hague, the City of Peace & Justice.

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