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Justice & Peace at light art festival The Hague Highlights

Photo on top: Arjan de Jager

Justice & Peace participated in The Hague Highlights 2022, the annual light art festival telling stories of the rich history of The Hague using light and projection. On the Hofvijver we presented the artwork Voyage – Safe Haven to advocate for a welcoming society and communities that create safe havens for people who were forced to flee their homes.

Donate and make safe havens possible for everyone!

Light art & storytelling

The artwork Voyage – Safe Haven tells the story of The Netherlands as a welcoming host country and represents the safe havens that The Netherlands offers and can offer to refugees. It is an interactive light artwork about saying goodbye and starting over, about change, hope and the future. Visitors were able to interact with the artwork, change its colours and patterns and through a dedicated application listen online to short stories of people from different backgrounds who found a safe haven in The Hague. You may access their stories for welcoming communities here.

Journey of imagination and new insights

The installation is created by Aether & Hemera, the multi-disciplinary art and design studio of artists Gloria Ronchi and Claudio Benghi. The studio was collaborating with Justice & Peace in their journey of making impact with beautiful and thought-provoking art. With their work, they aim to stimulate your imagination and new insights on topics that are sometimes difficult to talk about.

With its Samen Hier initiative, Justice & Peace engages groups of friends and acquaintances in welcoming people who had to leave their homes. Together, they form a safe haven.