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The Hague is taking action: Put on your best hat for Moria!

The reason for the campaign is the dire situation in camp Moria on Lesbos, which worsened after several fires last week.

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We stand in solidarity with the people of Moria

Last night, a huge fire destroyed Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, leaving 13,000 already vulnerable people, homeless. Our Justice and Peace team stands in solidarity with all the inhabitants at Camp Moria, including our friends from Stichting Bootvluchteling who have lost their clinic.

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Samen Hier Welcome Group “de Aardbeitjes”: Sharing experiences six months on

Through our initiative Samen Hier, Justice and Peace is building towards an inclusive and welcoming society for refugees. A society in which groups of friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members or other acquaintances are both capable and willing to take on the reception and integration of newcomers themselves. Abdul - originally from Egypt - was for example matched to neighbors Ciara, Marieke, Liselotte, Adam and Larissa from Welcome Group "de Aardbeitjes”

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Artistic freedom is a human right: Statement by artists Karski & Beyond

A statement by artists Karski & Beyond regarding the Mural of Change and freedom of expression.

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Joint reaffirmation statement from the international network of Shelter City responding to situation and needs of HRDs in times of COVID-19

Read the joint statement of the international network of Shelter City responding to the situation and needs of HRDs in times of COVID-19. Find the statement also available in Spanish and French.

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EU: this is how to build a more humane European pact on migration and asylum!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the shortcomings of the European Union’s (EU) migration policies clearly to light and once again stirred up the debate on their dismissive character and the lack of solidarity with refugees and EU border countries. With the European Commission expected to soon launch a new pact on migration and asylum, Justice and Peace sees an opportunity for a different, more humane, EU policy.

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Justice and Peace officially joined the 500 children campaign!

The Dutch government continues to refuse to shelter some of the 2,500 unaccompanied refugee children residing in the overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek islands. A wide variety of Dutch organisations, municipalities and citizens therefore initiated the #500children campaign to encourage the Dutch government to show its solidarity.

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Mural of Change: The story behind the mural

What is the Mural of Change, and how did it start? What does it represent, and who is portrayed? Read this article to find out more about this new landmark in The Hague.

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Virtual Event with HRDs during COVID-19: Reflections and Recommendations

To listen to the voices of grassroots human rights defenders around the world, we hosted a virtual event with 3 former guests of our Shelter City initiative for HRDs. Read the article to find out what they said.

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