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Shelter Cities in the Netherlands welcome 11 human rights defenders in March 2020

The guest will be able to get rest and respite, build capacities, and necessary support in a safe space during their 3-month stay

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The first Samen Hier community event: The Eritrean afternoon

We organized a Samen Hier community event for all Eritrean Samen Hier participants and their welcome groups.

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Samen Hier: 40 Welcome Groups started!

40 Welcome Groups participating in Samen Hier are now matched.

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From Welkom Hier to Samen Hier: a logical continuation

The demand has changed in the recent years from welcoming newcomers to providing a community that includes newcomers.

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My Human Rights Hero exhibition

Four law firms are hosting this exhibition to celebrate International Human Rights Day.

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Workshop ‘Human Rights Visualized’

In this workshop, students will visualize human rights in their own environment.

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The future of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

In light of the current EU discussions on the finances of the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMF) proposal, Justice & Peace signed a joint statement with the European NGO Platform on EU Asylum and Migration Policy, highlighting concerns and recommendations.

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Shelter City & government representatives from 20 cities meet in The Hague for ISCW 2019

From 7-9 October, the partners of the Shelter City network joined together in The Hague for the 2019 International Shelter City Workshop (ISCW).

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Ban on climate strike route has no place in the City of Peace and Justice

Three Hague-based peace, justice and climate organisations jointly call on Mayor Krikke to not ban the route of the climate strike in The Hague this Friday 27 September.

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