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Call for applications for initiatives by Justice & Peace in 2023 

Justice & Peace Netherlands is launching a new call for applications for its initiatives: Shelter City and Artists’ Safe Haven initiative.

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Shelter City Impact Study: Exploring the impact of a decade of temporary relocation experiences

Read our newest publication, the Shelter City Impact Study, highlighting the impact made by Shelter City on human rights defenders over 10 years.

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OPINION ARTICLE: Active citizenship offers a solution in asylum-crisis

In response to the ongoing sheltering crisis in Ter Apel, Justice & Peace published an opinion article on the platform socialevraagstukken.nl.

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Folding chair protest against the lack of asylum shelter in Ter Apel

In Ter Apel, the only application centre for asylum seekers in the Netherlands, there are too little beds. In the past weeks, hundreds of people had to sleep on chairs, and the Red Cross set up tents because all the chairs were also occupied. On June 14th, dozens of citizens therefore started a folding chair protest in front of the entrance of the ministry of Justice and Security in The Hague.

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IMPACT REPORT Community sponsorship of resettled refugees in Dutch municipalities: an achievable possibility!

Justice & Peace published the impact report about the Samen Hier pilot in Rotterdam. In the report, we look back on the results, the experiences, and the recommendations of the Samen Hier sponsor groups. All those involved see added value in this approach. Read it here!

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Freedom Meal & Liberation Festival 2022

On the 5th of May, the people of the Netherlands celebrate freedom. Justice & Peace participated in different events in The Hague, the City of Peace & Justice.

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10 years of Shelter City: kicking off the celebrations

We kicked off the celebrations of the Shelter City 10-year anniversary with the opening of the Shelter City outdoor exhibition in The Hague and by hosting an event with partners and esteemed guests such as UN Special Rapporteur Mary Lawlor.

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Partner meeting Samen Hier: ”Togetherness is emotion, solidarity is insight”

In an open setting, we exchanged ideas, shared tips and listened to guest speaker Mirjam Vossen.

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Large open-air photo exhibition in the centre of The Hague to celebrate 10 years of Shelter City

Ten years ago, Justice & Peace founded the first Shelter City to offer human rights defenders at risk a temporary and inspiring safe haven. In those 10 years it has grown into a global movement of 21 cities and more than 400 human rights defenders were supported.

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