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For fifty years, Justice & Peace has been advocating for human rights-based policies at the Dutch and international level. Our recommendations to policymakers rely on collaborative research together with our partners around the world.

Our publications reflect our advocacy efforts towards Dutch and European Union policymakers but also on the international scene through our consultative status with the Economic and Social council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) to give voice and power to the people we support.

Our current projects are built on this long-standing expertise of issues related to human rights defenders and forced migration.

The following publications can be downloaded or ordered (shipping costs) via info[at]justiceandpeace.nl, mentioning the title of the publication, your name and address.

November 2022

EVALUATION REPORT: Samen Hier Student Community, The Samen Hier Student Community is a joint initiative by the Unicef Student Team The Hague (USTTH) and Justice & Peace. The initiative is student-led and aims to build an inclusive network between (international) students and refugee youths in the Hague. The Student Community is part of Samen Hier - the community sponsorship movement in the Netherlands where groups of friends or acquaintances can contribute specifically to safe havens and safe routes for refugees.

May 2022

IMPACT REPORT: Community sponsorship of resettled refugees in Dutch municipalities: an achievable possibility!, In June 2022, we published the impact report about the Samen Hier pilot in Rotterdam. In the report, we look back on the results, the experiences, and the recommendations of the Samen Hier sponsor groups, the municipality of Rotterdam, VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and the executive partner organisation Rotterdam Verwelkomt Vluchtelingen. These are positive and promising. All those involved see added value in this approach and a public-private partnership for the reception of resettled refugees.

January 2015

Alternatives to immigration and asylum detention in the EU, This report is one of the outcome of the MADE REAL project (Making Alternatives to Detention in Europe a Reality by Exchanges, Advocacy and Learning) coordinated by the Odysseus Academic Network.

January 2014

Speak truth to Power, This seminar brought together human rights defenders from all over the world, European External Action Service staff, EU Commission and EU member states colleagues working on Human Rights Defenders and NGO’s. The seminar was preceded by a meeting of experts that prepared the agenda and introductory papers.

November 2012

The condition of Roma Precarity: Is there future for ‘good practices’?, The conference organized by Justitia et Pax on Thursday November 22, 2012 was a part of a project called “Fighting the traditional and new anti-Roma stereotypes”, subsidised by the European Union and organised in cooperation with Roma-organisations from Bulgaria (Centre for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance Amalipe), and Romania (Roma Centre for Health Clinics Sastipen).

September 2012

How to include men in activities related to gender equality?, Justice and Peace Netherlands organized two researches on the Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR) program in the DRC.

December 2010

Protecting Human Rights Defenders, From shared experiences to cohesive action

May 2010

Communities, Children and Teachers in Papua, Hand In Hand For A Better Future

April 2010

Beyond Men and Guns, Making DDR Work for men and women alike in the Democratic Republic of the Congo