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HRDs on COVID-19: Akram, sharing experiences as a human rights defender in India

This story is part of an interview series with former Shelter City participants on the impact of COVID-19 on their work and human rights.

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“An attack on academic freedom means an attack on democracy itself.” – Shelter City guest, David

Meet David from Venezuela, a university professor and human rights activist in the context of academic freedom and university autonomy. David is the current guest in Shelter City Utrecht.

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Interview with Samen Hier Cultural Ambassador, Saron

Cultural Ambassadors are crucial puzzle pieces to making Samen Hier possible. To get a sneak peek into what is like to be a Cultural Ambassador, we spoke to Saron!

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From Welkom Hier to Samen Hier: a logical continuation

The demand has changed in the recent years from welcoming newcomers to providing a community that includes newcomers.

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