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Change Maker stories

Photo on top by: Anne Reitsma Fotografie

Whether they are a nurse turned indigenous rights defender from Nicaragua, a group of friends setting up a maker’s space for refugees in Greece, or designers from Eindhoven using their creativity and skill to assist human rights defenders, these people are leading change in their communities and worldwide.

These are the stories of Change Makers, people around the world making a change for a fairer, more just world, for everyone, everywhere. Read, be inspired, and join the movement for change!

Because we believe that anyone can be a Change Maker.  

Hellie, setting initiatives for refugees in motion

Discover Haagse Huiskamer in action

Harriet, overcoming miscommunication between refugee parents and schools

Discover the changemaker in you!

Bernhard, getting designers to fight together with human rights defenders

Support innovative change makers

Antoine, giving newcomers a second chance

Support refugees in your community!