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Finding Safe Havens Podcast

How do you imagine a safe haven? How does it feel to someone that has left everything behind?

In this podcast series you will listen to the true stories of different people, their memories and experiences of leaving everything behind in the pursuit of a safer haven. Every episode is a journey of uncertainty and hope for the future, welcoming communities and solidarity.

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Episodes Guide

You can find the transcriptions of every episode here.

Episode 1/ Viktoria

With the outbreak of the Ukraine-Russia war, millions of people fled Ukraine. Among them is Viktoria, who is now sharing her experience of leaving her family and starting a journey into the unknown.

Our Samen Hier initiative is dedicated to creating safe pathways and safe havens for people who had to flee their homes.


Episode 2/ Hassan

Have you ever experienced home no longer feeling like home? Hassan felt lost for a long time. But then something changed. Through his story, you follow Hassan to his greatest challenge. The challenge of rediscovering yourself and where you belong. The challenge of finding a safer haven.
By being part of a Samen Hier group, newcomers can build lasting social connections and a sense of belonging in their new home.

Recording & production: Sietske Wiersma

Storytelling workshop: Rose Stories

Photography: Arjan de Jager

Music: Jhilani Wijsman