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We stand in solidarity with the people of Moria

Last night, a huge fire destroyed Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, leaving 13,000 already vulnerable people, homeless. Our Justice and Peace team stands in solidarity with all the inhabitants at Camp Moria, including our friends from Stichting Bootvluchteling who have lost their clinic.
For over a year, camp inhabitants, aid and health workers, and civil society across Europe including Justice and Peace have repeatedly called on European governments to take action and find a real and humane solution to the dangerous and unsanitary conditions at the camp. We have shared petitions, we have garnered support from every level of society, we have protested, but Europe remains silent. Last night’s tragedy was unfortunately long foreseen. Urgent support is needed now more than ever to all those left stranded on the island of Lesbos. We stand with all those affected, and again we call on the Dutch government to TAKE ACTION for the many people in need of support on Greek islands.
Amidst this tragedy, those most vulnerable are unaccompanied minors. We ask you to help us by signing this petition calling for the immediate relocation of unaccompanied minors to the Netherlands: www.500kinderen.nl