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Periodic donation to Justice & Peace

Donate periodically to Justice & Peace with a tax benefit? That’s possible!
Thanks to the growing support of funds and sponsors, we can empower more and more change makers in more and more Shelter Cities and Samen Hier cities!

Due to our ANBI status as a charity, a periodic donation via an agreement is fully deductible. This way you will receive part of the amount back from the tax authorities. That’s a bonus!

Donating with a tax benefit is easy:

  1. Document your periodic donation in an agreement.
  2. Decide for yourself how much you want to donate. You can pay in installments (per month or quarter).
  3. The donation is the same amount every year.
  4. The agreement is valid for 5 years (or longer).
  5. The annual donation must be credited to the charity’s account before the 1st of January.

* Keep in mind that (general) donations you made earlier in the year are not included in the agreement. The Tax Administration uses the date on which the donation agreement was concluded.

Calculation example

Suppose you want to donate € 80 net per year and you have an annual income of € 36,000. The tool calculates that if you donate € 128 via the donation agreement, you will get € 48 back from the tax administration. So: when you conclude a donation agreement for € 128, thanks to your tax benefit, you ultimately donate € 80 net.

* For individual donations, a threshold of 1%, with a minimum of € 60 and a maximum of 10% of the threshold income, is what you may deduct. None of this applies to a periodic donation.

More support for the same amount

You can also choose to benefit the tax refund to the work of Justice & Peace. In this way we can stand up for even more change makers. Do you want to know how to calculate this for your situation? Then have a look at the calculation example below and use this tool.

Calculation example* Regular donation
Periodic donation
Yearly contribution to J&P € 150,- € 250,-
Tax refund € 0,- € 101,-
Your yearly net contribution to J&P € 150,- 149,-

*This example uses an income tax rate of 40.4 percent; the tax refund depends on your tax rate .

Online donation agreement

It’s very simple. Fill in the online agreement and sign it digitally. You will receive an automatic confirmation after you have completed the form. We will also send you a confirmation email with more information. Please note; after you have completed the online agreement, you cannot make any changes.

Paper donation agreement

You can also choose to download the agreement, fill it in and send it to us, either by e-mail or regular mail. We will send you a signed version in return. Send the signed agreement to:

Justice and Peace Netherlands
attn. Erik van der Harst
Riviervismarkt 4, 2513 AM The Hague
The Netherlands

It is also possible to send it by e-mail to info@justiceandpeace.nl

Did you know?

Thanks to our ANBI status, we do not pay tax on this income. Your donation is therefore 100% spent on the initiatives of Justice & Peace Netherlands.

“I’ve supported J&P in different ways over the years – with my time, as well as with a financial commitment. This is because all their work is built from an understanding that global justice is really locally owned. Whether it is here in the Netherlands, through the Samen Hier programme, or elsewhere through the empowerment of human rights defenders in other countries through the Shelter City programme, they work to educate, build resilience, and build communities. I think what they bring is unique in this country.”

Carolyn Edgerton, Prosecutions Expert Consultant at Justice Rapid Response