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Moving Together for Change – Human Rights Space

There is a new Human Rights Space in town! As of April 2021, the three The Hague-based NGOs, Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), Justice & Peace, and Human Security Collective (HSC) will be moving into Riviervismarkt 4 – just next door from the current Nutshuis location.

The three organisations, each with a unique focus in the human rights arena, look forward to working together more closely: to continue raising awareness and defending human rights. Together we aim to create a flourishing and inspiring Human Rights Space for rights defenders, rights advocates and their supporters in The Hague, the City of Peace, Justice and Security.

As a human rights organization Justice & Peace has been working to promote respect for human rights and social justice worldwide. To achieve this we wish to empower change on the local level, working together with like-minded organizations. I am therefor excited to announce a collaboration with two other innovative human rights and security organizations in the center of The Hague, in our own new Human Rights Space. Working for a just, secure and sustainable world. Join us soon for debate and action! – Sebastiaan van der Zwaan, Executive Director Justice & Peace

The NHC is very much looking forward to an even closer collaboration with Justice & Peace and HSC while sharing our new premises on Riviervismarkt 4. All three organisations share a strong mission and goal of safeguarding and promoting human rights with the overall aim to create a just and secure world – and we are keen to explore even closer avenues for collaboration in our new shared Human Rights Space. – Pepijn Gerrits, Executive Director NHC

We look forward to welcoming you soon to our shared Human Rights Space at Riviervismarkt 4, in the city centre of The Hague. Together with Justice & Peace and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, we can reach and engage a wider audience from communities in and beyond the city for the promotion and safeguarding of human rights and human security. Do join us for more engagement and action to push back on polarisation and create a just and secure world. – Lia van Broekhoven, Executive Director HSC

Follow our social media channels to stay informed about joint events and campaigns, training programmes, and the exchange of expertise, knowledge and support. Together we will continue to support, celebrate and raise awareness for human rights!

Who We Are

Justice & Peace

Empowering change makers at the local level for human rights – that is our mission.

Justice and Peace Netherlands is dedicated to defending and promoting respect for human rights and social justice, worldwide and in the Netherlands. We envision a world in which everyone, everywhere has the right to a dignified life, a world in which human rights are respected and all persons are free to develop themselves without distinction of origin, religion, political opinion, race, gender or sexual orientation. With our Shelter City and Samen Hier communities we are empowering human rights defenders and welcoming local societies for refugees.

The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC)

Building and securing justice and safeguarding human rights in Europe and the OSCE – that is our mission.

Established in 1987, the NHC represented Dutch civil society in the Helsinki Movement. For over 30 years, we have helped build bridges between public institutions, international organisations, practitioners, and civil society. We look at the big picture, taking a holistic approach in strengthening rule of law, safeguarding human rights, and strengthening civil society.

Human Security Collective

Creating a just and secure world in which people are able to speak, connect, associate and assemble freely and fearlessly – that is our mission.

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation based in The Hague working on issues of development, security and the involvement of citizens in their communities and societies. We believe that the idea of Human Security with its focus on people, relationships and human rights provides an organizing frame for action. Based on the elements of trust-creation, local ownership, empowerment and collective action, we facilitate conversation between civil society, policy shapers and other actors to promote alternative approaches to current security practice.