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Application call for the Move 4 Human Rights Summer Course

This summer Justice & Peace, together with the human rights organizations Human Security Collective, Our Bodies, Our Voice, and Human Rights in the Picture, is organizing the Move 4 Human Rights Summer Edition. This empowering two-week summer course is open to (future) change makers, aged 18 – 30 years.

  • When: 8 – 19 July 2024;
  • Where: The Hague, the Netherlands;
  • Admission: Free & certified, English spoken.

Participants will delve deep into critical human rights issues, ranging from gender equality and freedom of expression to refugee rights, and more. Through several activities, attendees will have the opportunity to bridge theory and practice, craft action-oriented projects, and create tangible social impact.

The why

In today’s world, where human rights and social justice issues continue to demand attention and action, there is a growing need for empowered individuals dedicated to driving positive change. If you are eager to deepen your understanding of these critical issues and acquire practical skills to effect meaningful change, then this Summer Course offers the perfect opportunity for you to learn, connect with like-minded peers, and act.

How to apply

Spaces for the Move 4 Human Rights summer course are limited (up to 75 participants), so interested individuals are recommended to apply immediately and secure their spot. The course is completely free of charge and, upon completion, participants will receive a course certification to recognize their dedication and expertise on the designated projects.

Don’t miss out on becoming part of a community committed to driving positive change.