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Justice & Peace hosts its first Activist Lab

In February 2024, Justice & Peace proudly organized its first Activist Lab in the Hague, bringing together several dynamic young activists.

The focus of the two-day event was to facilitate discussions surrounding disinformation and media polarization, providing participants with valuable insights and tools for the effective promotion and protection of human rights and social justice in the media space.

Dynamic exchanges during the workshop

The diverse group of participants collaborated and exchanged ideas throughout the training held in The Hague.

‘I really liked that I was warmly welcomed. By entering the room, I felt I was in a place where I could share my views and ideas. It was very confidential, nonjudgmental, very open-minded’, stated one of the attendees. […] ‘After today, I do feel empowered because I feel I have been given tools and ideas that I had never thought about. It gave me something’, Activist Lab participant. 

The workshop, titled ‘Disinformation on Elections: Tools to Navigate the Social Media Landscape‘, was an integral part of the Immune2Infodemic project. This initiative, within the Activist Lab, supports young change makers by enhancing their activism practices, facilitating knowledge exchange, and empowering them with the tools needed to navigate the online environment critically and safely.

The experts

The training event featured a thorough session by Jordy Nijenhuis, co-founder of Dare to be Grey, an award-winning organization combating polarization, and the lead trainer for Activist Lab. During his presentation, he addressed relevant topics such as the fundamentals of disinformation, media literacy, and digital hygiene.

Another notable guest at the Activist Lab was Laura Bucher, founder of the Immune2Infodemic project [1], who shared crucial tools against disinformation related to elections, COVID-19, and migration. Thanks to her expertise, attendees gained insights into critical thinking, media and digital literacy tools.

The day concluded with a lecture from Yvonne Donders, a member of the UN Human Rights Committee, who provided valuable perspectives on legal mechanisms for achieving justice in human rights violations.

Justice & Peace Netherlands remains committed to promoting informed and empowered activism. We thank all participants for sharing their ideas and dedicating their time to diving deeper into disinformation and media polarization. Stay updated on our upcoming events, and we look forward to welcoming you to the next Activist Lab.

[1] For more information about the Immune2Infodemic project and its mission to fight disinformation, visit: Immune2Infodemic Project.

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The Activist Lab is a global initiative, by Justice & Peace and eight partner organizations, aimed at amplifying youth voices, empowering them with knowledge, and fostering positive change in their communities. Events and workshops are hosted in various countries, tailored to the specific needs and contexts of young activists. Topics range from civic space and human rights to climate justice and combating misinformation. The Activist Lab spans across Peru, Tanzania, Lebanon, Georgia, and the Netherlands, fostering collaboration among youth activists globally. The network values youth leadership, diversity, feminism, and inclusivity, contributing to a powerful and dynamic exchange of ideas and campaigns.