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Coming up: Justice & Peace at light festival The Hague Highlights!

Justice & Peace will be participating in this year’s light festival The Hague Highlights. The Hague Highlights will take place from 14 to 18 December 2022. The light festival will tell stories of the rich history of the Hague, using light and projection on well-known locations in The Hague. In this way, Dutch history and important subjects will be shed light on in an approachable way for everyone.

The artwork with which Justice & Peace and our initiative Samen Hier will join this festival is made by the artist duo Aether & Hemera and is called Voyage. Voyage stands for “journey” in French. The artwork consists of a “flotilla” (a fleet) of origami boats. Voyage is a travelling artwork and has been exhibited on multiple locations around the globe, under which the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh (Scotland), Canberra (Australia) and Bilbao (Spain). During The Hague Highlights, Justice & Peace will give a twist to this artwork and for the first time, Voyage: a safe haven will be visible in The Netherlands, on the Hofvijver in the centre of The Hague.

Samen Hier as an initiative of Justice & Peace commits itself to creating safe havens for people with a refugee background. With this artwork, Justice & Peace and Samen Hier want to draw attention to this concept. People with a refugee background often endure long and dangerous voyages to reach their new, safe homes. Artwork Voyage: a safe haven will tell the story of The Netherlands as a welcoming host country and will represent the safe havens that The Netherlands offers and can still offer for refugees. Safe havens that people on the run need, such as the local communities with Samen Hier groups that support newcomers for a year and that offer a social safety net.

In the media, there prevails a negative narrative surrounding migration and the reception of people with a refugee background. With this artwork we aim to emanate light, togetherness and solidarity. Justice & Peace wants to make passengers of this artwork aware of solidarity as world citizens and have them think of what we can do, together, to offer people on the run a safe haven.

As a passenger, you can interact with the artwork. You can choose from seven different themes and patterns and in this way you can decide on the colour of Voyage: a safe haven. Additionally, you can listen to podcast excerpts made by a number of different people, including people on the run, on what a safe haven means to them.

We would like to invite everyone to come admire Voyage: a safe haven on the Hofvijver coming 14 to 18 of December.